Membership & Support

Membership of this group (with the limitations as outlined below) is £25 per group year (April to March) and the fees are used to procure both the groups dedicated servers, license fees, annual AGM venue and other incidental outgoings.

The group is a non-profit, hobby related, group of individuals with no paid members, no non-paying group members and is subject to the rules of a club as governed by an elected group of officers.

Membership is strictly limited – however with the introduction of an updated and enhanced database, the management team has agreed that it is now possible for us to accept a few new applications.

Ideally you should be sponsored onto the group, though all may apply for membership (within the capping limit) and, provided names or aliases’ do not appear on the blacklist, you will be given the same consideration as a sponsored applicant

A successful application to join will require you to download both the database and the Mode-S software (if required), and this comes in at a hefty 200meg, so broadband is a must.
Updates to the database are made available via secure download from the group web servers.

Though the group will endeavour to resolve any problems, both database and often PC related, the group will not undertake to guarantee the system will run on a non-standard PC setup. Its worked on over 99.99% of all systems its been installed on.

The group also has three ‘members only’ Google™ discussion groups which facilitate exchange of information.

If you would like to apply for membership please send an email to Group Administration